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Posted by Andrew Cooper on December 24, 2006

Recently I received an email from a friend telling me to listen to the podcast of ‘Start The Week’ as one of the guests had things to say that she thought might interest me. ( You can download it here – it’s the 13th November edition.)

The someone in question was Charles Leadbeater , a former journalist, adviser at No 10 and now ‘management guru’ – at least according to Andrew Marr.

Charles has recently published a book called ‘We-Think’. Here’s what he says about it on his website:

‘We-Think: the power of mass creativity – is about what the rise of the participative culture – the likes of Wikipedia and Youtube, Linux and Craigslist – means for the way we organise ourselves, not just in digital businesses but in schools and hospitals, cities and mainstream corporations. People want to be players not just spectators, part of the action, not on the sidelines, participants and contributors not just workers by day and consumers by night.’

Interesting stuff. If you want to read the book you can buy copies from the boring conventional routes like Amazon and bookshops. But you can also read it online here because he has published it to a wiki.

Wikis, as you’ll probably know by now, are websites which visitors can edit themselves. So you can not only read the book but also write new content, amend what’s there already, comment via the ‘talk’ pages and so on. If you’d like to keep track of any changes to We-Think, copy and paste the address of this special page into a ‘feed reader’ like Bloglines (see below).


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