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Web feeds: what, why and how

Posted by Andrew Cooper on December 24, 2006

If you know about the wonderful world of web feeds, you’ll realise that this blog has one – you might like to add it to your aggregator to keep in touch with changes.

If that last sentence might as well have been written in Serbo Croat:

  • go to www.bloglines.com
  • click on ‘help’ to find out what web feeds are and how Bloglines enables you to monitor them
  • register (which will take about 30 seconds)

and then copy the web address for this page into the ‘add feed’ box. When you return to Bloglines you’ll be able to see if any posts have been added and, if so, see if they are of any interest.

Of course, doing that much sense if you only have one site registered at Bloglines, but nearly all news sites (such as the BBC’s) and blogs have web feeds which you can add to your list thus saving time logging into individual sites to find out what’s changed.

The web has been described as the best idea that mankind has ever had.  Whether or not that’s true (printing is probably right up there somewhere), but where else could you find such half baked ideas as the Christmas Robin Attracting Beret alongside just about all there is to know about everything?


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