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Shoe event horizon

Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 6, 2008

I have neglected this blog a little, but only in the interests of saving civilisation as we know it.

I’d better explain that point.  In The Hitch Hicker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams mentions the Shoe Event Horizon.  As this wikipedia article explains, this is a particuarly vicious cycle, based around shoe production and, er, consumption, which ends in the complete collapse of a civilisation due to the inability of economy on the planet in question to cope with the massive demand for shoes.

I stopped posting to this blog because I feared that the blogosphere was in danger of leading to a Blog Event Horizon here on planet Earth.  It would, in my worst case scenario, have occurred at the point at which everyone on the planet spent all their time either posting to their own blogs or reading other people’s.  I think we can all identify with that particular thought.

It seems that others have also restrained themselves. My worst fears weren’t realised and now, I feel, it’s safe to proceed.  Anyway, even if the Blog Event Horizon is a threat, rapidly escalating oil prices will almost certainly finish us off first.


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  1. […] of course, that I’ll have my very own equivalent of the ‘blog event horizon’ I mentioned earlier and end up spending all my time blogging.  Not really a danger – I type very quickly which is one […]

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