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How to use WordPress to write a book

Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 9, 2008

I stumbled on this helpful advice on the WordPress FAQ site yesterday which prompted the thought that, when I’m able to explain what ‘the idea’ that the posts over the last three days have been about actually is, I’ll start a blog specifically about the idea based on the structure it suggests.  I’ll continue posting here as well, no because I’m sufficiently vain to suppose that anyone out there is reading this stuff but because – as I explained in an earlier post – writing about my thoughts helps me to organise and develop them.  There’s a danger, of course, that I’ll have my very own equivalent of the ‘blog event horizon’ I mentioned earlier and end up spending all my time blogging.  Not really a danger – I type very quickly which is one reason that most of my posts are too long.

Talking of Douglas Adams, one of my to-dos for today is to start work on an emergency plan I’ve been asked to write for a nearby town. I am sorely tempted to follow Adams’ lead and write, in very large print on a side of A4, ‘Don’t Panic!’ and send it in with my invoice.  (If you haven’t read the Hitchiker’s Guide, google around and you’ll find out why.)


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