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What makes you get up in the morning?

Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 16, 2008

One of the things which makes Sam get up in the morning

One of the things which make Sam get up in the morning

In my case it’s currently ‘the idea’ I’ve referred to in numerous posts, but I’ve added two pages to the blog – see the tabs above – which are intended to summarise the ideas which interest me (the ‘threads’ tab) and say some things about my background which I can’t put in my CV (the biog tab).

Our son, Sam, was asked the ‘What makes you get up?’ question when he was interviewed by some people at Vodafone who were assessing whether he would be suitable for a week of work experience with them.  They decided that he was, and he had a wonderful time evaluating a pre-release, state-of-the-art, mobile phone: just about the dream job for a 15 year old.  Vodafone managed his week very well, as you might expect, and he did lots of interesting things including taking some photographs, using the phone he was evaluating, of a replica of Lewis Hamilton’s car at the Vodafone HQ.

No doubt the interviewer who asked Sam what made him get up in the morning was hoping for a glimpse into the inner man.  However, Sam’s reply was ‘well actually, I do a paper round’,  which I thought was mildly hilarious, although he tells me he then went on to talk about the things that interest and motivate him.


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