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Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 17, 2008

Partly in the interests of making this blog known to a wider audience, but also for fun, I’ve decided to launch the Mindworks Innovation Awards – aka The Brainies.  You can win books, a copy of my Mindworks Box thinking kit, and some of my time (together worth UK£1000) to help you get the most out of the box, simply by telling us what your favourite innovation is and why it’s your favourite.  Five runners up will receive copies of the Mindworks Meeting Box.

You can find out what I mean by innovation, and how to enter (ironically, it’s brainlessly simple), and more about the prizes on the new Innovation Awards page I’ve just added to the blog.  This also provides more details about the glittering prizes which are available and how they’ll be awarded.

There’s also a tie-breaker which involves thinking up a better name than ‘Brainies’, which shouldn’t be too difficult.  (I called it that because everyone who is reading this has a 100 billion neuron most-complex-object-in-the-Universe human brain – we are all brainies and we all innovate in various ways).

There are no restrictions on the kinds of innovation you nominate – everything from the wheel to, say, something your grandmother did that made life better for her family.  Technologies, social innovations and the other kinds of innovation I mentioned in the last post are all eligible.

It would be good if you could post your nomination, and your reason, in the comments section on the awards page.  You don’t have to use your real name, but you do need to leave an email address (which won’t be displayed) if you want to receive a prize should the judges pick your nomination.  But if you prefer you can email your nomination to me via andrew.mindworks@gmail.com and I’ll post it to the comments section, using just your first name.

You can find out more about innovation from this blog and – of course – one of the best innovations ever, the web.

Read this post to find out how I distinguish between inventions and innovations.  My nuclear powered tea-pot idea is an invention which still, sadly, only exists in my head (and now, of course, yours).  It’s not actually an innovation yet, but as soon as our local Tesco Extra starts selling enriched uranium – and that’s surely only a matter of time, since they sell just about everything else – I’ll be able to start building it.

Nominate away!


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