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Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 17, 2008

Isn’t it great what young people can do with technology these days?  Here’s a video that our daughter, Roz (she’s the first one to make an appearance) and her friend Becky produced one Saturday afternoon, with a little help from their friend Bushnell, when they were in the sixth form.  Those of you who serve on committees might like to know this was produced as part of their campaign to be joint secretaries of the exec committee of a local youth club.  Yes, you read that right: there were so many people who wanted to do it that voting was involved.

Even not so young people can do it.  See the video of our school fete here.  All you need is some digital photos and Windows Movie Maker (it comes bundled with Windows XP/Vista).  Incredibly simple to use and I’ve produced a number of other videos since then.

There will be a fair bit of this sort of thing going on if the idea to which I’ve been making oblique references gets of the ground.


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