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Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 19, 2008

When you’re spending a lot of time generating ideas and generally wearing your ‘right brain’ out it’s important to give it a rest from time to time.  There are two things that I find particularly useful.  Tidying is the first – tidying your office, sorting things out, checking off to-dos etc. are all pretty left brain and engages my mind sufficiently that my thoughts don’t wander.  But listening to TMS – the BBC’s Test Match Special radio commentary programme is – perfect.  Combine the two, and voila: no creative thoughts for hours!

Currently things aren’t looking too wonderful for England, who are playing South Africa.  This is reassuring: it’s always more stressful when there’s a chance that we might actually win.  Losing, hopefully gracefully, is so much more English, isn’t it?  Also, we invented the game. Just how popular would you have been at school If you invented a game and then went around beating everyone when you played it?  Quite. The fact that we’re so good at losing at games we invented explains why the English are so popular around the world.  (Hmm: there’s a flaw in that theory somewhere…)


2 Responses to “TMS”

  1. PS – archiving/deleting emails from your Gmail inbox is also pretty left brain. Rain stopped play at Headingley so the TMS team are at their very best.

  2. Uh oh – play’s starting again in 15 minutes. TMS is going to be interrupted by some actual cricket.

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