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“You need to talk to yourself in the car.”

Posted by Andrew Cooper on July 20, 2008

A car

A car

I’ve forsaken TMS (see below) for a combination of the ITV and Radio 5 live commentary teams covering the German Grand Prix.  The wonderful machines I mentioned before make this – for me, riveting, for you, possibly, astonishing tedious – sport even more gripping.  As I type I’m sitting on the sofa with my laptop.  I have streaming Radio 5 live commentary playing via the BBC iplayer and the excellent Formula1.com live timing system open in another Firefox tab.

A couple of minutes ago, Martin Brundle on the ITV commentary was talking about the importance of Lewis Hamilton  – currently driving imperiously in first place, with a 10.1 second lead over Massa in second and, according to the live timing, increasing his lead by .1 seconds in each sector – staying in the right mental state.  “You need to talk to yourself in the car”, he said.  Very CBT.  (Use search to find references to CBT here, a bit too engrossed to add a link.)  The point, of course, is that when he talks to himself, he needs to be saying the right things: a couple of times this season he clearly hasn’t.

When the race is over I’ll be collecting a new toy from a friend.  Looking forward to trying it out and I’ll be blogging about the results with the help of Youtube and the toy in question.  More on that story later.

30 laps left.  Go Lewis!  You seem to be saying all the right things to youself just now.

(The photo was taken by our son, Sam, on the mobile he evaluated during his work experience week at Vodafone: search for ‘work experience’ for more on that story.)


One Response to ““You need to talk to yourself in the car.””

  1. Well, Lewis certainly went – won the race after two outstanding overtaking manoeuvres. Without doubt the best race of the year so far.

    Why is it, I wonder, that the English are so good at sports which can be done sitting down? F1, rowing and sailing to name just three.

    Have collected the toy I mentioned and will now test it.

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