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Consultantese/English Dictionary: extract 2

Posted by Andrew Cooper on August 1, 2008

Some ducks refusing to stand in a row.

Some ducks refusing to stand in a row.

I’m thinking of publishing extracts from my Consultantese/English Dictionary as a part-work. Readers can assemble their own personalised version by copying and pasting the separate entries into a single document.  Alternatively you can just email me and I’ll send you a copy.

Here are two non-random entries from the current edition of the dictionary.

Ducks: feathered animals which live partly on water, used by
consultants in the phrase ‘Getting Your Ducks In A Row’.
If anyone has succeeded in getting real ducks to stand in
a row, we’d very much like to hear from them.

Jumping Your Fences One At A Time: an expression
used by consultants when they tell clients what to do
during the ‘implementation phase’.  This can usefully be
combined with the phrase Getting Your Ducks In A Row to
produce the more graphic Getting Your Ducks To Jump Their
Fences One At A Time.

I’m currently attempting to get a number of interestingly interconnected ducks to jump their final fences so that they can gallop down the home straight and emerge into the light of day before feeding on some low hanging fruit.  As we management consultants might say.


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