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A JFDI for the Whitehall Innovation Hub

Posted by Andrew Cooper on August 7, 2008

Do this. No messing about.  Hundreds of people would enter if you set the prize at the right level.  You’d get lots of well thought-through virtually free ideas (and some dross, obviously).  I, and lots of people I know I’m sure, would certainly send you some interesting ideas.  Let civil servants enter as well. Get people from CISCO to advise you how to do it, then get some bright civil servants (not consultants or other outsiders) to run the scheme as they’ll learn a lot as well and their learning will stay inside government.  Also, read Clay Shirky on the company which ran a competition for advertisements and saved millions they’d otherwise spent on advertising agencies.

No need for much discussion, is there.  Definitely a JFDI.  Tap into that cognitive surplus.


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