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As it’s Friday …

Posted by Andrew Cooper on August 8, 2008

… and we’re all winding down for the weekend, I thought I’d share some photos with you.  (Only two , don’t panic!) The first is my current desktop image.  It was taken early in July during a guided walk around this farm/research centre, which is a couple of miles from here.  English countryside at its best, in my view.

I’ve only ever wanted to live in two places, really.  Italy (of which more in a moment) is one and England is the other.  Southern England in particular.  This spot is just over 60 miles from London, but – like many places around here – it’s very easy to get away from the crowds even in this overcrowded island.

I’ve been told, by Richard in fact – you probably don’t know him, but he’s just about to head off on holiday to Italy and is something of an Italophile – that I’d actually hate living in Italy because it’s so difficult to get anything done.  I say that I’d forgive the Italians their bureaucracy because it’s part of what makes them what they are.  Plus, they do everything else so well.

This is one of my favourite photos.  It was taken on the Spanish Steps in Rome in the Autumn of 2006 during a family break.  You can make up your own story about what they are plotting and how the old guy slipped into the group.

OK, forgive me, just one more.  I took lots of photos sitting on the steps with Sam that late afternooon in the autumn sunshine, while Mrs Mindworks and number 1 child went shopping nearby.   No, they didn’t go into Gucci – they in fact ended up buying something from a chain we have here in Newbury.  However one of the glitterati – I don’t know who, but possibly a Beckham – did turn up in a limo to shop at Gucci and the car was instantly mobbed by a crowd.  We sat there for about 45 mins watching the chaos that ensued in the narrow Via Condotti as numerous police cars turned up to help sort things out, thereby making things a lot worse.

Most of the photos were taken with the camera at its maximum zoom – the subjects were quite a distance away. Again, with this one, you can make up your own story.

There’s something about her expression – the story could almost be a novel, couldn’t it?

Have a great weekend.


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