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Watch this – it’s brilliant!

Posted by Andrew Cooper on August 13, 2008

There’s are lots more about social media (blogs, Twitter, social bookmarking Linkedin etc.) where this came from – search for Common Craft at Youtube.  The producer’s website is here.

I found this one particularly helpful.

Wikis aren’t only useful for organising camping trips.  They’d be an excellent way of organising our school fete, which looks like this from www.stbartspa.net courtesy of, er, me.

and Newbury Carnival, another hobby of mine, see the old-tech (ie non-wordpress) site I put together and ran here.   We didn’t run a carnival this year, but a project wiki could certainly help us to do one in 2009.  (Turned out to be a good thing we didn’t do it this year: there were massive thunderstorms in Newbury at exactly the time at which the parade would have been fully under way).

You could probably do other things with them as well so have a go at www.wetpaint.com: it’s currently free and you can build your very own site in 5 minutes (4, perhaps, if you’re pushed).  I recommend playing with the templates – there’s some very powerful stuff in there.

PS here’s a Blogger (boo!) blog I set up for Newbury Carnival.  If we run one next year I’ll set up a site in WordPress (yay!) with a Wetpaint wiki to coordinate the project. Handy stuff this social media, isn’t it?


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