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Psychology is everything

Posted by Andrew Cooper on September 3, 2008

Life is rather hectic at Mindworks Global HQ right now.  I could almost do with an employee, but I’ve been there and done that and, as a result, swore never, ever, to have employees again so that’s not possible.  (I was discussing the notion of having employees with our neigbour, a plumber whose surname is – I kid you not – ‘Hose’ and it turned out that he’d had exactly the same experiences in that area as I had and now also works for himself.)

The reasons that blogging is taking a second place at present are:

  • the emergency plan I’ve mentioned before is coming along nicely: I’ve suggested it should be called “Being Prepared” because it’s all about, er, being prepared;
  • I’m working on three different web related projects;
  • school is about to start again and there are various things I need to do as PA chairman over the next couple of weeks before we have our new parents’ welcome event;
  • my retail product is very close to completion but I’m keen to make it as good as possible before I unleash it on an unsuspecting world and keep shifting my self imposed deadline back a few days;
  • etc. etc. etc.

However, returning to the title of this post, I came across this article in the Guardian while we were on holiday.  As you’ll see, it suggests – based on a Yougov survey – that the average UK family spends 34 minutes a day shouting at each other.  If there was ever a case for compulsory CBT (see various previous posts) for all, this is it.  I’ve tried to dig into the numbers but yougov.com doesn’t provide any details.

I could witter on about this for a few hundred more words, but don’t have time (see above).  I’d also like to tell you about my tale of three laptops but don’t have time for that either (headline: don’t order from Dell unless you’re absolutely sure you want to buy from them – they make it as difficult as possible, in various hilarious ways, to cancel).  Will post on that (actually, will set up a new blog just for that) and other things later.

Second ‘Psychology is everything’ point.  Alastair Darling.  What’s going on inside his head?  Does he not understand that markets are all about psychology?  Enough said.


2 Responses to “Psychology is everything”

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