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Sidetaker – yet another way to exploit the cognitive surplus

Posted by Andrew Cooper on September 8, 2008

What a clever idea.  Instead of shouting at each other for 34 minutes a day (see reference here) why not log into Sidetaker.com, air your grievance to a waiting world and let us use some of our cognitive surplus to decide who’s right.  Have only skimmed it but, it at first sight it looks really interesting.  People aren’t just taking sides, they are offering their opinions about the various domestic disputes that are being posted.  Much potential, I think, although whether it will increase or decrease that 34 minutes a day shouting I have no idea.  (‘Look at this, 3984 people agree that I’m right and you’re wrong!’)

OK, back to my rather impressive new online todo list courtesty of minddomo.com (see previous post) which has a lot of stuff on it. I’m more impressed by minddomo every time I use it.  It’s excellent for to do lists and project management as it has a ‘task’ function which enables you to give start and end dates for each activity on the ‘branches’ of the maps.  You can also insert symbols to show how much has been completed.  I’ve never got on with web based to-do lists in the past because they are all linear and mine are always mind maps.  Minddomo has solved that problem and taken things a step further: clever stuff and, as I mentioned, it’s from Romania.  Interesting things happening in Romania, it seems.

To find out more about cognitive surplus, visit my review blog, which is here, and to find out how I know about things like Sidetaker read the explanation of Bloglines.com on my changes page.


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