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The future of blogging

Posted by Andrew Cooper on June 25, 2009

arrowHere’s Charles Arthur in today’s Guardian noting that ‘the long tail of blogging is dying’ and explaining why.

My feeling is that blogs which serve a very specific purpose – like keeping relatives and friends in touch with an overseas trip – or reporting on a live event or TV programme will continue, not least because it’s much easier to integrate photos, sound and video that it is with Twitter.  But both of those applications are time limited and targeted at a specific audience.  Perhaps it’s the long-term ‘blog as a journal’ that will tend to die out, not least because – as Arthur points out – they need a lot of work.

Blogs and Twitter feed a basic human need to communicate, but those who can meet their needs with the least resources tend to win – in evolution, at least.  It’s taken over 5 minutes to write this, find the links and post it.  A ‘retweet’ of Arthur’s original Twitter post – which is how I learned about the article –  took about 10 seconds, including adding (within my 140 characters) a note that most of the social media commentariat I’ve been following via Google Reader have drastically cut down on their number of blog posts.


One Response to “The future of blogging”

  1. Jingle said

    I promote positive thinking, i am pleased to see that “Thinking matters” under your blog title, your description about the purpose of blogging is true, i wanted to add that my purpose of blogging is to discover potential in myself, have fun, and become a better observer and writer.

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