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Flipping the Tour

Posted by Andrew Cooper on September 9, 2008

Yesterday the second stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race ended in Newbury so I went along equipped with my Flip camera (use the search facility in the sidebar to find previous Flip related posts) and shot a few videos.  It was tremendously exciting – you get some feel of it from the following, but the build up: with sirens wailing, a helicopter overhead then ninety five riders (plus numerous outriders, camera bikes and support vehicles racing flat out down our narrow high street … well, you had to be there.)

At the end, those of us at the north end of the High Street dashed through to the road where the race actually finished – you can see the mob heading off at the end of the clip and saw the cyclists (minus outriders etc.) sprint down the final 100 metres.


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Stephen Fry also likes Flips

Posted by Andrew Cooper on August 3, 2008

See this.

You can see the results of my first attempt at Flipping here. It was the day after we first met and she was fresh out of the box, having flown in from the US over the weekend.  Just Flip and me on the banks of the K&A, with me mumbling sweet nothings into her mic.  Since then our relationship has blossomed.  She comes with me wherever I go and later today I’m going to screw her … sorry, Sheba interrupted me just then …. screw her onto a tripod and spend half an hour videoing something which I hope will be very special – and which will feature in my new ‘retail offering’.  More on that story later.

I expect you’d like to see her, wouldn’t you?  OK then, here she is.  Look, she’s giving you a little wave!  Bless!

PS – I’ve just noticed that Flip have a UK web site and one of these, which I came across a while ago, would be handy.

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