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Time, please

Posted by Andrew Cooper on September 4, 2008

A hostage taker

A hostage taker

I’d really like to post about two TLAs: CBT and NLP.  Regular readers will know what TLA and CBT stand for.  NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  I’m not a fan of NLP (someone once tried to sell me something using some crude NLP techniques: nothing has ever made me angrier!) but many people are, and I’d like to compare and contrast the two approaches.  When I’ve completed my retail product – just one final push needed – I’ll get back to that.

Meanwhile, I see that the Whitehall Innovation Hub’s Google listing has finally overtaken mine.  Simon Dickson’s post is still one place ahead of them, and Google currently shows an extract of my comment on Simon’s post ‘not entirely sure why it’s a ‘Whitehall’ innovation ‘hub’ etc.’

Let’s hope they start innovating very soon.  The Chancellor’s attempt to drive the economy into recession even faster than it was already heading in that direction can’t have made him very popular with his next door neigbour, IMO.

Do you think, incidentally, that Darling might have been a victim of Stockholm syndrome, when he made those remarks?  Snuggled up around a peat fire with the lovely Decca Aitkenhead (see photo), perhaps sipping on a dram or two of a fine single malt (make mine a Laphroaig, if you’re buying), he’d not only been taken hostage by the enemy (as his former boss, T Blair, clearly saw journalists) but had begun to show signs of, er, loyalty to the hostage taker.

No doubt it’ll all come out in his memoirs, which he should be able to start writing fairly soon.  As Charles Clarke has pointed out, many Labour politicians are going to have a lot of spare time on their hands in the not too distant future.

If I had any confidence in any of the alternatives to New Labour I’d be happier, but – as I’ve pointed out before – it’s not the people who are at fault: the system is broken.  As the late, great, Douglas Adams almost said, the last people who should be put in positions of power are those who ask to be there.  We need a system that puts people who at least have some of the leadership qualities needed by those at the top of government.  Darling, Brown and – increasingly, I feel – Milliband ain’t got ’em.

There aren’t political points. I’m a management consultant.  I hate seeing things badly managed, whether it’s Dell’s online ordering system (of which more anon), hotels or the country.  If the UK were a major corporation shareholders would be calling, very urgently, for its board to be replaced.  As it is, the current crowd are going to stagger on for as long as they possibly can, as they system allows them to do, like a group of wounded wildebeest hunted by some very hungry lions.   And, as I say, the method we have for replacing the current board doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get a better team next time around.


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